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Waterfalls on the Island of Bali

Some of the best waterfalls on Bali are to be found in the north of the island and include Git Git Waterfall, Les Waterfalls, and Sekupul Waterfalls. There are also some other options in central and southern Bali which will be easier for people staying in some of the most popular tourist areas to reach. It is a worth visiting at least one of these beautiful locations during a trip to Bali, as it means getting to enjoy another side of the natural beauty of the island.

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Hot to Get to Bali Waterfalls

A trip to a waterfall on Bali will usually mean a trek through the jungle, so this can be a very adventurous day out. It is usually best to wear sensible shoes when visiting these places and it is also usually worth bringing along some swimming wear. One of the nicest things about a visit to these attractions is the water can be wonderfully cool and refreshing – a real bonus on a hot day after a long trek. It is not usually necessary to be super-fit to manage these hikes through the jungle, but those people who have not exercised in a long time will probably want to take plenty of breaks and to make sure they have some bottled water with them.

Waterfalls in North Bali

Git Git Waterfall

Git Git Waterfall is popular attraction in Northern Bali. It is located in the midst of tropical jungle and the water plunges down from a height of 35 meters. The water here is lovely and refreshing, but it is not really practical for swimming because there are too many rocks. It is definitely possible to play around in the water, and to stand under the falling spray – this acts like a free massage. Most visitors to the area will spend a bit of time exploring the local rainforest as well as enjoying the waterfall. There is a large population of monkeys in the area, and visitors will usually get to see them during their trip. It is possible to engage in a number of adventure activities around Git Git Waterfall including trekking and canyoing.

Git Git Waterfall is 11km (7 miles) from Singaraja Town and about 70km (43 miles) from Denpasar. Trips can be arranged by most tour operators in Bali, as it is a popular destination.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekupul Waterfalls are the most impressive in North Bali. There are actually six waterfalls (the name ‘Sekumpul’ is a Balinese word for group) here to explore with the highest of these sending water down from 80 meters. Reaching this impressive natural wonder involves hiking through the jungle for about an hour with a guide (it costs about 40,000 IDR as of mid 2013). This trips usually start off early in the morning at Sekumpul Village which is an idyllic place surrounded by rice fields. The fact that these waterfalls are so isolated means they have hardly been touched by tourism, and this means that visitors who make the effort to get here are rewarded by getting to enjoy something truly unique. There is a small restaurant right beside the waterfall with a small fishing pool beside it where visitors can attempt to catch their own dinner. There is a short route and long route to the waterfall, and the latter takes over two hours but it offers a better chance to explore the jungle.

Sekupul Waterfall is located in Buleleng and is about 11 km (7 miles) from Lovina and about 80 km (50 miles) from Denpasar.

Les Waterfall

Les Waterfall (aka Yeh Mempeh) is impressive because of its height and the fact that descending water maintains contact with rock all the way down. Local people love to come here for picnics, but it is still relatively unknown to most tourists. There is a short hike (approximately fifteen minutes) to the waterfall through a lush forest and Rambutan orchard. There have been reports of overcharging at the entrance to this attraction, but it shouldn’t cost more than 10,000 IDR per person (as of mid 2013). There is a pool here where people can have a swim, and it is also nice to have a shower under the waterfall.

Les Waterfalls is located in Desa Les which is close to Tejakula in North Bali. It is 71 km (44 miles) from Denpasar and 46 km (29 miles) from Lovina.

Gitgit waterfall

Sing Sing Waterfall

Tourists staying in Lovina will usually take the time to visit Sing Sing waterfall (aka Air terjun Singsing) because it is only a relatively short distance away. The first waterfall is just a short distance away from the village, and there are plenty of locals who are willing to act as guides. There are a number of waterfalls here to explore but none of them are very high when compared to places like Git Git. It is possible to swim at the largest of the waterfalls here, and there is also the option to have a mud bath at certain times of the year.

Sing Sing Waterfall is just 3 km (less than 2 miles) away from Lovina.

Waterfalls in Central Bali

Dusun Kuning Waterfall

Dansun Kuning Waterfall has not yet become a popular tourist destination, and it is located in an area of great natural beauty which only the locals usually enjoy. It is only possible to reach this location with the help of a local guide because otherwise it would be too difficult to find. The surrounding jungle is home to many monkeys and other forms of interesting wildlife. The waterfall itself is 25 meters high and it sends water down to the Melangit River. The area around the waterfall enjoys cool conditions, and it is possible to go swimming in the river here. The paths to this waterfall can be very treacherous during the rainy season, so it is best to only come during the dry season.

Dusun Kuning Waterfall is located in Taman Village which is approximately 6 km from Bangli Town. It is 38 km for Denpasar.

Blahmantung Waterfall

Blahmantung Waterfall (aka Blehmantung) is arguably the most beautiful waterfall on the island of Bali – it is also the highest at 100 meters. This part of the island is a bit out of the way, but those who make the journey are rarely disappointed. There is a car park close to the waterfall and it just involves a 800 meter hike through the jungle. It is possible to swim here. There are a few resorts and restaurants nearby.

Blamatung Waterfall is located between Bayong Lake and Mayon. It is close to the village of Pupuan which is 60 km (38 miles) to the north of Denpasar

Waterfalls in South Bali

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall is a popular option because it is in easy reach of some of the busiest tourist towns on the island. It never really gets too busy here though, and the hike through the jungle means that tourists usually feel like they have arrived somewhere special. The jungle around this waterfall is full of the most impressive collection of birds on the island, so this is the perfect spot for bird watchers. There is also an interesting cave system called Goa Gajah close by – it is usual for tourists on tours to visit both of these places in one hit. If visitors wish to experience a taste of rural culture, they should visit one of the surrounding villages. The best time to come here is usually just after the rainy season. The waterfall itself has about three levels and the highest point is about 50 meters off the ground.

Tegenungan Waterfall is located close to the village of Kemenuh. It is approximately 8 km (5 miles) to the South of Ubud and 14 km (8.5 miles) to the north of Denpasar.


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