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Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

Volunteer and Intern Project Fees

Friends for Asia is an organization not connected or supported by any government or religion. We are completely independent. For this reason, a fee is required to participate in our volunteer projects. These fees go to support all areas of our organization, including staff salaries, rent, office expenses, internet advertising, utilities, insurance, the expenses for our vehicles, etc. Considering we are a small volunteer organization, our interests lie in supporting organizations in Bali, Indonesia with offering them competent and hard working volunteers and interns. We keep our fees as low as possible, and have some of the lowest volunteer and intern project fees offered in Asia.

Specific Volunteer Project Fees

All of our project fees are in US Dollars. Although we use US Dollars, we accept volunteers of any nationality that possess the necessary qualifications for the project of their participation.

Volunteer Project 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks Additional weeks
Children with Disabilities $ 850 USD $ 950 USD $ 1,050 USD $ 1,150 USD $ 1,250 USD Add $ 100 USD/week for each week over 6 weeks
Teaching English $850 USD $ 950 USD $ 1,050 USD $ 1,150 USD $ 1,250 USD Add $ 100 USD/week for each week over 6 weeks

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

What’s Included in the Volunteer Fee

The project fee includes pre-departure information, visa letter (if necessary), airport pick up, accommodation during orientation and entire project duration, 2-Day Pre-Service Orientation, breakfast every day, lunch every work day, cultural show and dinner, 24 hour emergency assistance and support, close of project documentation.

Volunteer Project Deposit Fee

A non-refundable $250 deposit fee is required to book a spot for an individual in any of our projects. The balance of the project fee is the entire project fee minus the deposit. This project balance fee is due one month before the project start date. For example, if a volunteer wants to serve in a project with a total fee of $1000, starting on the 1st of July, the volunteer would need to send a $250 to book the project. He or She would then send the balance of $750 by the 1st of June. If the balance is not received by the due date, then the project booking will be lost and the deposit is non-refundable.

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Volunteer in Two Projects

In the event that a volunteer participates in both the Orphanage and English Teaching Projects consecutively, then the entire project fee for the first project, with the additional week’s fee for the second project will apply.

Sending Volunteer Project fees

Friends for Asia’s online payment system is administered by PayPal for security purposes. One may access our online payment system to send a project fee payment by clicking on the “PayPal” icon at the bottom of all of our website’s pages. One may use their own PayPal account, or most major credit or debit cards. Volunteers and Interns may also send project fee payments by a US bank check or wire transfer. For information regarding Friends for Asia’s bank account info, please contact us.

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