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Volunteer Bali Projects

Friends for Asia currently offers two volunteer projects and a summer volunteer + tour package in Bali, Indonesia. Both our English Education and the Children with Disabilities Volunteer Project start at a minimum duration of 2 weeks and begin on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. The project fee for participation in both projects start at $850 US Dollars for two weeks, with all additional weeks at $100/week. For more information about our project fees, please visit our volunteer fees and payments page.

Friends for Asia offers comprehensive two-week volunteer projects/tour packages in Bali, Indonesia during summer 2014. There are two different start dates, and include volunteer opportunities as well as excursions and cultural experiences. Don’t miss this chance to make your summer unforgettable.

English Education Volunteer Project

Teaching English Volunteer Project

With the onset of the tourism in Bali, English education has become imperative for any person in a professional career. As a volunteer English teacher, you become a catalyst for student development. Regardless of your teaching background, your mere presence in the school gives students and faculty the chance to take their English skills out of the textbook and put them to work in the real world.

Kindergarten Volunteer Project

kindergarten1Kindergarten Volunteer Project

Working with local four- and five-year-olds from Ubud is a great way to go behind the scenes of Balinese culture. Just by interacting with the children, playing games and teaching them tidbits of English, you’ll learn a great deal about Balinese family life and values. Working with kids is one of the most authentic cultural experiences you’ll ever have.

Of course, it’s not all unbridled fun. Children this age have lots of energy, and they have plenty to learn in terms of sharing, playing fair and developing friendships. With that in mind, you’ll have your work cut out for you. The kindergarten volunteer project in Bali is exhausting—but it’s completely worth it.