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The Fruits of Bali

Bali is a Fruit Lovers Paradise

One of the nice things that volunteers in Bali can look forward to is the variety of tropical fruit available. The fact that these delicious and healthy items are cheap means that even those of us on a tight budget can afford to indulge. The type of fruits available will vary depending on the time of year, but the type of things that people can expect to see during their trip to Bali include:



Rambutan is a Malay word that means ‘hairy fruit’, and this is a good description for this item. It can be found throughout South East Asia, and it is one of the most popular fruits among the Balinese people. The skin of the Rambutan is usually red (when it is unripe it is green), and it is covered in soft spikes. Inside the skin is sweet fruit that tastes similar to Lychee. There is also usually a large seed at the centre of the fruit. Rambutan tends to be most in abundance at the end of the hot season – if there has been a good crop they will be relatively inexpensive.

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The papaya fruit originates from South America, but has become hugely in South East Asia. The Balinese use it in dishes such as Gedang Mekuah. Papaya can taste sour or sweet depending on its ripeness. This fruit is rich in vitamins and fiber, and it is also mean to be good for the liver.

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Guava looks a bit like a pear and usually has a light yellow skin. In Bali it is usually referred to as Jambu Batu or Jambu Biji. Just as in much of Southeast Asia, a smaller variety tends to be pink and sweet, and a larger variety is more like a pear with crunchy, white flesh. Guava is a common sight in Bali.



Jackfruit is used in many of the local deserts such as Es Buah and Es Campur. This is the largest tree borne fruit, and it is possible for them to weigh anything up to 36kg (80 pounds). This is another fruit that is good for people with a sweet tooth. It is usually in abundance at the end of the hot season in Bali.

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The mango is a fleshy fruit with a stone in the middle. It originates from India but is gown in many parts of the world including Bali. The taste is described as a combination of nectarine, orange, and pineapple.


Lychee has a red skin that is quite tough. Underneath this skin is a delicious fruit that tastes similar to Rambutan, but has also been described as a mix between a pear and a grape.



Salak is a fruit that is native to Indonesia. It is a species of palm tree that produces a unique fruit. Some people will also refer to this item as snake fruit because it has a distinctive brown scaly skin. If the fruit is unripe the meat inside has a dry texture but when it is ripe the texture becomes crunchier. Salak is not too sweet and tends to taste sour.



The Sapodilla originates from Central American fruit that has but is now grown in Asia and other parts of the world. It looks a bit like a small potato but is a type of berry. People describe the taste as being similar to caramel. Sometimes this fruit is called Lamood.



Tamarind is used in a number of Balinese dishes in order to add a fruity sourness. It is also possible to buy tamarind juice which can be really refreshing. The fruit of the tamarind is found inside a brown pod. It is a brownish reddish color and tastes sweet and sour – some describe it as having a similar taste to a fig.

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Star Fruit

The star fruit lives up to its name and it does usually come in the shape of a star. It is possible to eat the whole fruit but some people prefer to remove the skin. It tastes like a mixture between a pear and an apple – the texture is similar to grapes.

Starfruit. Star Fruit. Carambola.

Custard Apple

The custard apple gets its name because some people do describe the taste as being similar to custard.

Oriolus chinensis


Mangosteen comes in a dark shell that has a purple color. It is usually about the same size as a tangerine. The white flesh inside the mangos teen tastes a bit like Lychee but with a sharper aftertaste.

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