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politics is bloody as it was always

politics is bloody as it was always

leather puppetry (തോല്പാവക്കൂത്ത്) is an ancient shadow puppet theatre, the puppets being cut out of leather and stained with natural colours. the light behind the screen provided by wicks lit in split coconuts filled with oil

traditionally stories based on kamba ramayana which usually continues for 14 to 21 nights, though new compilations are made without much success (according to the artists)

presented as tamil poems and the prose a mixture of tamil and malayalam. accompanied by chenda, cymbals and paRa.

usually performed in a “koothumaadam” associated with some devi temples in palakkad district. there is a lone family surviving, still performing this art form!

this is after rama sniping bali, the monkey king, erupts a brief dialogue where bali questions the fairness of rama’s cowardly shot, and his eventual death. (or the so called salvation of bali!)

i wish i had a better glass 😉