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Our Bali Volunteers

Since Dia Cooley, our first volunteer in 2007, over 900 international volunteers and interns, from more than 25 different countries, have participated in our projects. Something we often hear at close of project interviews, is the enjoyment that our volunteers have had in getting to know our international group.

Bali Volunteers from America


Friends for Asia’s founder and director is an American and former Peace Corp Volunteer. His experience developing volunteer programs in Asia combined with his understanding of what US volunteers expect when they travel abroad has created a unique niche opportunity for Americans looking for an authentic Balinese experience. By lending a hand to one of Friend’s for Asia’s projects, you’ll discover a side of Bali that is completely lost to the average tourist.
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Bali Volunteers from Australia


We’ve been particularly impressed with the number of Australians expressing interest in volunteering in Bali. Given the rapid growth of tourism here, Bali has a profound need for willing workers who can help to offset the increased strain of the tourism trade. By signing on to one of FFA’s Bali volunteer projects, you enjoy all the benefits of a holiday in Bali. At the end of your service, you’ll walk away confident that the time you spent in Bali had a positive effect on the island and its people. There’s no better way to travel.
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Nederlandse vrijwilligers in Bali / Bali Volunteers from the Netherlands


Today, the Dutch still have a strong cultural legacy in Bali. While the history between Bali and the Netherlands is complex and not always heart-warming, the modern-day relationship is excellent. Each year, more than 160,000 Dutch nationals visit the island, accounting for a significant slice of the 3 million international arrivals Bali sees each year.

At Friends for Asia, we have the privilege of working with some of the finest, most conscientious visitors to set foot on Bali each year. Included among these are many Dutch volunteers committed to making the most of the time that they have available to spend here.
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Bali Volunteers from Canada


For a little perspective, consider some of the following: every year, Canadians spend more than 2 billion hours volunteering. That’s the equivalent of roughly 1 million full-time jobs. While the vast majority of this volunteering takes place at home, some Canadians are taking an increasingly international approach to their definition of community. FFA has had the privilege of working with more than a few of these internationally minded Canadians.
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Deutsch Freiwilligen in Bali / Bali Volunteers from Germany


Germany is one the most travel-savvy nations on the planet. In terms of population, this is the 14th-largest nation on earth. Despite that, Germany operates the world’s largest outbound tourist trade. To be fair, China is poised to overtake the top spot, but that’s coming from a country with 16 times as people. Suffice it to say, Germans are well-traveled.
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