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Deutsch Freiwilligen in Bali / German Volunteers in Bali

Deutsch Freiwilligen in Bali

German Volunteers in Bali

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Germany is one the most travel-savvy nations on the planet. In terms of population, this is the 14th-largest nation on earth. Despite that, Germany operates the world’s largest outbound tourist trade. To be fair, China is poised to overtake the top spot, but that’s coming from a country with 16 times as people. Suffice it to say, Germans are well-traveled.

At Friends for Asia, we’ve had the privilege of working with many volunteers from Germany. Statistics vary from one project site to the next, but it some of our more popular regions, as many as one out of every four volunteers we host come from Germany. While we don’t have any hard international data to back this up, it’s our impression that Germans are as serious about giving back to local communities as they are about seeing and experiencing the world.

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

If you’re thinking about striking out an tour of Asia and would like to step off the tourist trail for a couple of weeks or more, consider investing some time at one of our volunteer project sites in Bali. This is one of the most fascinating destinations in Asia – a bastion of Hindu culture tucked into the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Mystic rites, ancient temples, incredible surf and well-oiled tourist infrastructure combine on what is, without question, one of the most amazing islands on the planet.

Germans Making a Difference in Bali

German volunteers in Bali have a variety of projects to choose from. FFA is constantly working with the local community to develop new and meaningful ways in which volunteers can get involved.

Our volunteers are concerned with joining projects in which the time they spend on the ground has a real and profound impact. With that in mind, one of our most popular project sites at the moment is the center for children with disabilities. Every hour that an FFA volunteer spends at this centre, interacting with the children, is one hour that a full-time staff member can spend attending to other duties. You can imagine what a difference it makes when someone signs up to volunteer for a full two-week project.


Bali’s recent tourist boom is generating a desire for better English-language instruction in local communities, as well. FFA has partnered with local schools that are anxious to bring native (or near-native) speakers into classrooms. Of course, few of these schools can afford to hire foreign English speakers. Fortunately, FFA volunteers have been happy to help.

Let FFA Introduce you to the Real Bali

When you offer your time and energy to a volunteer project, you are effectively writing yourself a backstage pass to the real Bali. You’ll meet villagers, students and community leaders who were committed to this island long before tourism made it fashionable. Many of our volunteers forge lasting friendships with locals, find themselves invited to dinner at local houses and pick up more of the local language than expected to. There’s no better way to experience Bali!