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Candidasa, Bali

Candidasa Bali is a convenient tourist area from which volunteers are able explore the delights of East Bali and offers some of the best diving on the island.

Fishing Boats at Candidasa

Location and How to Get to Candidasa Bali

Candidasa is located on the east coast of the island of Bali. It is located approximately 65 km from Denpasar. The options for how to get there include the following (all prices given are correct as of mid-2012):

  • A taxi from Ngurah Rai (Denpasar) International Airport to Candidasa costs approximately $35. It usually takes about two hours to make the trip.
  • Perama offers a shuttle bus service to Candidasa from; Kuta (60,000 IDR), Sanur (60,000 IDR), Ubud (50,000 IDR), Padang Bai (25,000 IDR), and Tulamben (125,000 IDR). It is recommended that people book their ticket one day in advance.
  • The cheapest way to travel to Candidasa is by bemo. All of the main towns and villages on the island are connected by a network of these open air minibuses – it is not the most comfortable way to travel long distance, but it can be fun.

Getting Around Candidasa

The options for getting around Candidasa include:

  • Metered taxis are fairly rare here, but there are plenty of private taxis. It is important to always negotiate the price before beginning the journey.
  • It is possible to arrange a motorbike rental from most guest houses and hotels.
  • If people wish to travel to any of the nearby towns they will usually be able to do this by bemo.

Things to See in Candidasa

Places for volunteers, that are worth visiting in Candidasa would include:

  • The beach at Candidasa is not the most beautiful on the island, but it is far more laid back than the more touristy beaches like Kuta. When the tide is high the beach almost disappears completely.
  • The best beach near to Candidasa is White Sands which is located 7 km away near Bug Bug Village. This is one of the most stunning beaches on the island and so far it has managed to remain unspoiled.
  • _ Tenganan_ is a village that is located approximately 4 km from Candidasa, and it is home to an ethnic group that is believed to be the original inhabitants of the island – the Bali Aga. This community has their own customs and traditions, and it is a fascinating place to visit.
  • Alumpura is a town 12 km away from Candidasa. The town itself is unremarkable, but it is worth visiting just to spend some time in the local markets.
  • The Ujung water palace is located approximately 17 km from Candidasa. It is made up of 7 picturesque buildings that are located on a lake.

Bali Indonesia Ujung Water Palace

Things to Do in Candidasa

Things to Do in Candidasa would include (all prices and details given are correct as of mid-2012):

  • Candidasa is a popular diving spot with some of the best underwater scenery in Bali. There are a number of diving schools in the area and these can arrange tours, provide lessons, and rent out equipment – it is important to realize that some of the nearby diving spots are not suitable for beginners.
  • Those visitors who do not feel up to the challenge of scuba diving can still get to enjoy some of the underwater delights by snorkeling. It is possible to rent a boat and be taken to the best snorkeling areas – the average price of this type of hire will be $26.
  • It is also possible to rent a boat and go fishing in the local waters. *Rama Candidasa Resort and Spa offers a cooking class with one of their experienced chefs. The class lasts approximately six hours and includes a visit to the local market – it costs $80 for an adult and $40 for a child.
  • It is possible to go on an underwater tour without learning how to dive by joining the Odyssey Submarine which operates in the waters near Candidasa. These tours last approximately 45 minutes and the most basic package costs $85.
  • Once of the nicest and healthiest ways to explore the local countryside is to go on a bike tour. East Bali Bike Tours offers a number of options to suit different levels of fitness – their tours last from 4 to 6 hours.
  • One of the other popular activities for volunteers visiting this area is hiking. It is possible to join an organized tour or just set off solo on one of the local trails.
  • It is possible to climb the hills near to Candidasa on the way to Ahmed, and this can offer some stunning views of the local scenery.

Eat and Drink in Candidasa

The best options for restaurants and bars in Candidasa would include:

  • New Queen Pub and Restaurant can be found on Jalal Raya. As well as a full drinks menu they also offer Balinese, western, and vegetarian food.
  • Toke Restaurant is another popular place on Jalal Raya. They have on open air pavilion set in an attractive garden and serve a good selection of local and foreign food along with cocktails.
  • Friends Bar and Restaurant offers good value food, and they claim to serve the coldest beer on the island. The staff members here are friendly, and they seem to take customer care seriously.
  • Joglo Restaurant on Jalal Raya tends to pick up favorable reviews from the people who go there. The decor is attractive, and it can be particularly pleasant to dine in their garden area.
  • Janger Bar and Restaurant has a reputation for good seafood. They also offer a happy hour for their cocktails and free Wi Fi for customers.
  • Vincent’s Bar and Resteraunt is one of the few venues in the area that offers regular live music – they have jazz every evening. This is a western type of establishment with good food and wide selection of drinks.