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Canadian Volunteers in Bali

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According to a report issued by the World Giving Index – which takes charitable giving, kindness to strangers and time spent volunteering into account – Canada is the fourth most-charitable nation on the planet. Every year, upwards of 50,000 Canadians travel to Bali on holiday. As a percentage of the population, that’s a great deal more than Canada’s neighbour to the south sends. From our perspective at Friends for Asia, the charitable disposition of Canadians has been boon for Bali – especially for people who live on the margins and do not directly benefit from the tourist trade. For a little perspective, consider some of the following: every year, Canadians spend more than 2 billion hours volunteering. That’s the equivalent of roughly 1 million full-time jobs. While the vast majority of this volunteering takes place at home, some Canadians are taking an increasingly international approach to their definition of community. FFA has had the privilege of working with more than a few of these internationally minded Canadians.

Canadians Making a Difference in Bali


Friends for Asia is constantly exploring and refining volunteer opportunities in Bali. Our local partners are from the US, but they have been on the ground in Bali for years, networking, volunteering and helping other travellers connect with meaningful projects that make a real and lasting difference for everyone involved.

As you can see from our project descriptions, there are plenty of ways that visitors can lend a hand to the local community. Bali’s tourism industry has been flourishing for years, but recent growth is delivering off-the-chart figures. By side-stepping the standard tourist scene and entering the community through an FFA project, you’ll be able to see and enjoy the island without contributing to some of the problems that have grown out of the recent surge in tourism.

Dynamic, International Volunteer Atmosphere

Volunteer Teaching in Bali!

At Friends for Asia, we work hard to create a welcoming, international environment through which volunteers can get to know each other, share experiences and offer each other support. You can imagine what happens when you take a group of people – each of whom made an intentional decision to visit this popular holiday spot and spend their time working for a positive cause – and put them together under a single roof. You get a dynamic and enriching atmosphere complete with compelling debates and conversation.

Volunteers have plenty to get excited about while on project, and this contributes to the enthusiasm back at the house. FFA volunteers experience Bali in a way that most tourists could never hope to. While the average tourist is on the beach, listening to sales pitches or joining large tours of the nearest terraced rice paddy, FFA volunteers are out in the real community. They meet local Balinese people, not just salespeople, resort employees and travel agents. Volunteers also get a genuine tour of authentic Balinese life – enjoying meals with others on their project site, picking up a few words and phrases and learning the ropes of authentic island culture. Standard holidays are seldom this fulfilling.