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Bali Dancers / Balinese Dance – White Wings

Bali Dancers / Balinese Dance - White Wings

One of a set of photos taken of a Balinese dance event.

Photographed in Bali in 1998, this was not an organised tourist display. Such was their pride, I was literally dragged in off the street to see this event (for free). It was evident that the dance had been prepared and presented with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. (It was not uncommon to see Balinese children practicing dance moves at their homes.)

Just look at the serious expressions on the faces of the performers.

Bali has a very distinctive Hindu derived culture – Agama Hindu Dharma – (unlike the rest of Indonesia which is predominantly Muslim).

The image is a scan of a slide / transparency taken using a CanoScan 8800F. The image was resurrected from a very badly underexposed (almost black) slide image. (The camera had a slow film, and the main, distant, illumination was the weak built-in flash.) The scan was made at 16 bits per colour channel. In Adobe Photoshop the levels and gamma were adjusted in two or three iterations – each time being careful to ensure that the shadows stayed black, and that the highlights were not bleached out. The resulting very grainy and noisy image was then smoothed using the Adobe Photoshop “Reduce Noise” Noise filter.