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Bali Volunteer Safety

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Safety is the top consideration for our volunteers anywhere in Asia, and Bali is no exception. We prioritize safety, health and security at every stage of the volunteer process – from designing and implementing projects to arranging accommodation and laying down house guidelines. Consistent growth in tourist arrivals to Bali over the past few years demonstrates broad international confidence of safety and security.

Volunteer in Bali

We encourage all volunteers to do their own research before traveling. Frommer’s, a leading international travel guide publisher, claims that “Bali is one of the safest places to travel in Asia.” In our correspondence with volunteers who are planning a trip to Bali, we’re routinely asked about the risk of terrorist attacks, tsunamis and disease. And yet Frommer’s claims that “traffic plays the most serious threat to a visitor’s life” in Bali.

No one ever calls or e-mails us to ask about traffic conditions

We only mention this to draw attention to the fact that the greatest dangers facing travelers are usually far from sensational, and they don’t receive nearly as much coverage as sensational (and highly unlikely) incidents. With this in mind, we have designed protocol and policy that promotes volunteer safety.

Take motorbikes as an example. In the past, some volunteers have balked at our policy prohibiting riding on a motorbike while on assignment with Friends for Asia. However, we know from experience how dangerous motorcycles are in Bali. Well over 3,000 motorbike crashes are reported each year, and according to the Jakarta Post, at least three roadside fatalities occur on a daily basis. Disabilities Children Home Volunteer Project

From our perspective, this is a positive situation to be in, as it’s much easier to protect volunteers against dangerous road conditions than it is to prevent unpredictable disasters. Every policy we implement is based on realities on the ground, and we believe this fosters and safe and a rewarding experience in Bali.

The following are some of the measures in place to ensure volunteer safety:

• Twenty-four-hour emergency support through our on-site volunteer coordinators
• Volunteer accommodation in a safe neighborhood with easy access to facilities
• Well-vetted project sites with which Friends for Asia has a professional (and often personal) relationships
• Access to top-grade medical facilities

Dealing with medical emergencies


We rely on Toyo Medika Clinic in the case of medical emergencies. This clinic is overseen by Dr. Susilo, a renowned doctor who operates what most experts agree is the number-one medical center on Bali. Dr. Susilo and his team can perform first aid and minor surgery locally. Furthermore, all volunteers are required to carry traveler’s insurance, which will cover medical evacuation to a major hospital in Denpasar.