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Australian Volunteers in Bali

Australians were among the first Western tourists to embrace the opportunities for travel in Bali. Today, Bali is still a popular and premier destination for Australians. In fact, the flight path to Bali is one of Australia’s busiest outgoing routes.

Volunteer in Bali

The dynamic relationship between Bali and Australia has been ongoing for decades. Out of all the East-West relationships at work in Bali, Australia’s is probably the most significant. Every year, roughly 800,000 Australian tourists come to Bali. Most come strictly for the leisure and adventure opportunities, but a few have loftier motives.

For Australians, traveling and volunteering in Bali is a meaningful way to give back to your corner of the global community. By working to improve the lives of people who live in this region, you’ll be contributing to the future of the entire Asia Pacific region. All of the hard work you invest in Bali, and Indonesia returns to Australian shores in bolstered diplomatic relations, stronger cross-cultural ties and better prospects for the region’s future.

Volunteer Opportunities for Australian Volunteers

We’ve been lucky to work with so many Australians at Friends for Asia. The volunteers that we host are involved in some of the most important humanitarian and conservation projects in Northern Thailand. Around 25% of our volunteer base is Australian in both our English Education and Children with Disabilities Projects.

A Rewarding Mix of International Volunteers

It’s easy to see why Australians are drawn to Friends for Asia’s volunteer programs. There are literally people from all over the world working on these projects and staying in our volunteer accommodation. You’ll be networked into highly effective projects that are changing lives in Ubud, Bali. At the same time, you’ll also be spending your evenings and weekends with a dynamic mix of volunteers from all over the world.

All the while, you’ll be assisted by our team of expert coordinators, many of whom have strong overseas connections. Some have lived and studied abroad. Others grew up in bilingual households. For this reason, our volunteer coordinators are uniquely qualified to help our Australian volunteers interface with the unique mix of cultures at work in Bali.