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Australian Volunteers in Bali

Volunteer Teaching in Bali!

In the past few years, Australia has become the number-one contributor of international arrivals to Bali. Upwards of 800,000 Australians visit the island each year. No other nation even comes close to this. Second-place contender, Japan, accounts for roughly half as many visitors. Australians are no stranger to Bali.

We’ve been particularly impressed with the number of Australians expressing interest in volunteering in Bali. Given the rapid growth of tourism here, Bali has a profound need for willing workers who can help to offset the increased strain of the tourism trade. By signing on to one of FFA’s Bali volunteer projects, you enjoy all the benefits of a holiday in Bali. At the end of your service, you’ll walk away confident that the time you spent in Bali had a positive effect on the island and its people. There’s no better way to travel.

Australian Volunteers Making a Difference in Bali

Volunteer in Bali

Australians have a strong community connection to Friends for Asia’s volunteer projects in Bali. Both of these Asia-Pacific nations are party to special trade agreements, and Australia participates in the East Asia Summit under the leadership of ASEAN (of which Indonesia is a member). In this light, Australia is helping to build the greater Asia-Pacific community by volunteering in Bali. At Friends for Asia, we are constantly on the lookout for new volunteer opportunities in Bali. Each project is carefully vetted to ensure its legitimacy, safety and positive impact. To be fair, we also screen our applicants to that Bali is a good fit for them.

We’re constantly developing volunteer projects in Bali. Teaching English is a perennial favourite. English language proficiency is important to Balinese people, as it boosts their own marketability in the booming tourism sector. We get the impression that, no matter how many eager volunteer English teachers we sign up, the demand at schools in Bali regularly outstrips the supply.

Disabilities Children Home Volunteer Project

Our other major volunteer project involves helping out at a centre for children with disabilities. This is an issue that needs wider coverage and recognition all over the world, and Bali is certainly no exception. In this particular centre, volunteers spend time interacting with the children, as this frees up full-time staff to see to other tasks. A few hours per day multiplied across the duration of a full-term project make an enormous difference.

Volunteers Experience the Real Bali

While we can vouch for the genuine difference volunteers are making in Bali, we also must acknowledge the advantages of joining one of our volunteer projects. When you participate in an FFA volunteer project, you bypass the majority of the 3 million international tourists this island sees each year.

To be fair, we have nothing against surfing lessons, cocktails on the beach and five-star services. That’s what a holiday is all about, and the volunteers that work with us still have plenty of opportunity to enjoy those creature comforts. At the same time, they enjoy unprecedented access to the culture and inner workings of this unique island. It’s like having a backstage pass to the real Bali.